Company Offerings

Keynote & Conference Addresses:

Urbane Education Alterations (Urbane) keynote & conference addresses provide information, knowledge and motivation to powerfully launch our programs, events, trainings, conferences and institutes. Urbane’s keynote & conference addresses capture the essence of your desired needs and provide direction for the event’s purposes and goals. These addresses are full of energy and emphasize the importance of obtaining and maintaining focus for all participants. The objectives of the keynote or conference address are custom designed for the organization, company, school, district, college/university or department to maximize and capitalize on strengths and areas of growth

Competitive Edge Assessments:

A unique component of the program is Urbane’s Competitive Edge Assessments. These assessments are the heartbeat of our program. Urbane believes that working together as a collective team and viewing the program holistically is the best way to construct, implement, review and evaluate with an open dialogue as it relates to lessons learned, areas of growth, and creating a full scope of service and programmatic design. Urbane’s Competitive Edge Assessments consist of three parts:

Initial Assessments:

These assessments are conducted with the administration to ensure that the program is critiqued with the desired outcomes and objectives. This component of the assessment focuses on strengths and areas of improvement for the school, district, college/university or department. These assessments assist with identifying the culture/climate of the school, district, college/university or department and providing support.

Mid-year/program Assessments:

These assessments ensure that the program is proceeding as expected. The mid-year/program assessment also includes a contract and data review, along with planning and scheduling the remaining events of program to better measure the desired outcomes.

Mid-year/program Assessments:

Post Assessments:

The post assessments are designed to review data, accomplishments, measureable results and challenges of the program. This component also provides additional strategies to support the program, school, district, college/university or department.

Professional Development Workshop/Seminar Training Program:

Urbane’s Professional Development Workshop/Seminar Training Program builds upon the idea that professional development is important and if the information is evaluated and implemented, it will profoundly impact individual and organizational growth, retention rates, production and professionalism. Professional Development is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career, which progresses careers, keeps the industry competitive and ultimately, assists net profits. Urbane believes that individuals engage in professional development subconsciously on a daily basis (both professionally and personally); however, being conscious of this development will allow individuals to record progress and develop in a systematic way. Urbanes’s program assists individuals to maximize their potential as educators and leaders, enhance team building and knowledge, improve teaching and learning and can increase understanding of social and emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion psychosocial analytics and performance, and leadership development.

Provided below are sample Professional Development Workshop/Seminar Target Points:

Changing the Mindset

Academic failure is swarming the country and immersing Black males in a life time of drowning struggle. Something needs to be done! Dr. Miller has been in education for over 16 years and has developed systems that work to make sure young Black men have the ability to achieve and reach college. In his current placement, with the help of his team, they have consistently achieved graduation rates over 90%, 100% acceptance to college, and millions of dollars in scholarship money for over 97% Black males. Dr. Miller will identify several factors that currently hold Black men back from succeeding and provide strategies as to how We Can Do Better as individuals, families, communities, and as educators. Dr. Miller will teach how mindset is the key and what needs to be done to move it towards thinking like a champion, instead of a CHUMP. Additionally, various strategies will be shared on how to create schools that work for young black men.

Build Results Using Results First:

Urbane will Start with a Results Target which is Ambitious, and measurable. It will Offer a Comparative Advantage a change and improvement over current practice. We Build on Opportunity to Use any opening to move toward higher results. Results first will Compresses Time and Encourages urgency so the action becomes quicker. Lastly, it will Give Permission to Exclude. Let’s Eliminates activities which is not producing results.


In every leadership experience, it is important to always maintain integrity. However, there comes a time when the book may need to be modified. Participants will have an in-depth presentation of leadership and its value and importance. Some specific areas of focus include vision, awareness and integrity, leading by example, influence and cause-driven leadership. Participants will be provided techniques and tools to build a highly effective team and understand the skills that leaders must possess to support those they work with and impact.

New & Transitional Educators

New teachers usually assume the same work responsibilities as their more experienced peers. These teachers experience a steep learning curve and must adapt to their work environments and learn quickly. New teachers must also establish routines, negotiate various roles and learn to apply what they learned in school. This training component will assist new teachers by providing them insight and strategies on navigating this grand system of education in and outside of the classroom. Urbane prides itself on presenting best practices to engage students, colleagues, parents, communities and administrators.

Strategic Planning

Urbane takes pride in establishing the initial steps toward an effective strategic plan. It is difficult to accomplish anything without a strategic plan. Whether it is opening a new school or implementing new policies, a healthy strategic plan is essential to long-term success. A strategic plan looks at all the things your organization could do and narrows it down to the things it is good at doing. Urbane’s strategic planning sessions helps school leadership determine where to spend time, capital and resources and will work develop a true useable action plan.

Data Analysis for Educators

Urbane will examine the types of data found in school systems, how to examine such data, data-driven instructional practices, interventions and support for faculty and students. It will also review the different levels of data, classroom to state level, and how it can be used to support instruction.

Total Participation Techniques for Student Engagement

Every time Results Team members have voted on the five instructional elements they think make the greatest difference in students’ learning, student engagement comes out on top. Research also shows that, out of all the approaches that schools and teachers take to increase student achievement, student engagement has the largest “effect size.” (John Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers). When we ask our districts what’s still blocking results they say -- the need for the students to engage. So, let’s work on this and get students involved in their learning process.

Cyberbullying and Conflict Resolution

The urban Black population is largely excluded from Digital Youth Culture (DYC) research within cyberbullying literature (Patchin & hinduja, 2006), even though such research is clearly warranted. To understand school violence, students must be viewed as social actors, experiencing the negative ramifications of DYC in school. These ramifications result from an imbalance of power generated through the use of aggressive tactics designed to damage a teen’s reputation, social status, and emotional well-being.
We will examine cyberbullying, categorized as disrespect online, and how it occurs among urban black youth. This is designed to assist educators with teaching
black females how to manage conflict without sacrificing social status or the perception of respect.

Interrupting the School to Prison Pipeline: A Multicultural and Social Justice Perspective

It has been argued that increasingly our schools are a gateway to the justice system. The school-to-prison pipeline (STPP) is a growing epidemic in our nation’s schools as an alarming number of students are being suspended, expelled or even arrested for minor offices – thus making the trip to the principal’s office a thing of the past. However, when STPP is studied through a social justice lens, it becomes apparent that the pipeline is disproportionately filled by students of color, poor students and students with disabilities. Students in this course will review the multiple facets of the school-to-prison pipeline (STPP), examine the connection between implicit racial bias and school discipline disparities, discuss the role of educators in interrupting the pipeline and identify best practices for dismantling the pipeline by becoming more conscious educators.

Common Core Principles

Participants will be presented strategies and tools to provoke students to think and solve problems as scientists, technologists, mathematicians and engineers while incorporating the use of Common Core Essential Standards. Participants will be presented with opportunities and methodologies towards relevant, rigorous and project centered lessons that will promote engagement and research-based practices to increase student achievement.

Common Core & Classroom Implementation/Observations

Observations are a critical part of the Urbane’s program and are used to support students and staff holistically while providing strategies that meet the specific challenges, rather than implementing a general model. These observations will assist the administration with identifying strengths and challenges in the classrooms. Observations will also assist in identifying students performing below academic standard and support educators with additional strategies and techniques.

Additional Offerings but Not Limited to:

  • Executive/Administrative Coaching
  • Parent Engagement Workshops
  • Student Education and Enrichment Support