About Us

What does our organization do?

  • Urbane Education Alterations is an educational, organizational and individual consulting and coaching firm that is dedicated to the development, and reform of education and businesses.
  • Urbane Education Alterations will work with school districts and agencies to develop reform strategies.  We assist agencies and individuals to achieve optimal performance and identify benchmarks that allow stakeholders to measure progress and success over time (allowing for course corrections and continual assessment of what’s working and what’s not). 
  • We develop work plans/operational plans, provide technical assistance, conduct research projects and data analyses, offer workshops and trainings, and provided individual leadership/executive coaching on an as-needed basis.  In addition, we provide motivational/inspirational speaking and presenting. 

Why does our organization exist?

          This company has the ability to bridge gaps between research, theory, and practice, to develop and transform organizations and educational institutions, by creating effective, measurable, and sustainable change. Urbane Education Alterations is composed of strong urban minority males who have chosen to use education to achieve excellence to improve themselves, their community, and workplace. The development of a scholarly foundation, established through hard work and perseverance, has enabled these young entrepreneurs to overcome the harsh realities of urban living, which often make statistics out of Black males and succumb their inner being to perpetuate a cycle of poverty. Overcoming personal and professional obstacles have catapult Dr. Brock and Dr. Miller to the forefront of their professions as leaders, who possess the qualities needed to create effective change in an organization.   Both individuals bring a polished skill set, ordained by theory and application, which they have combined to form Urbane Education Alterations.